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The Shubnikov Institute of Crystallography of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IC RAS) was officially given the name of its founder and first director, Full Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences Professor Aleksei Vasil'evich Shubnikov, in 1971. In 1969, the Institute was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor.

The Institute is located in Moscow in buildings on Leninskii pr. 59 and ul. Butlerova 17a and has a division (Research Center for Space Materials Science) in the city of Kaluga.

The Main buildingThe Institute building at ul. Butlerova

The Institute Management and its departments are located in the Main Building.

Research is traditionally performed along three main directions-crystal growth, crystal structure, and crystal properties. Recently, great attention is also paid to developing the scientific program and the mathematic apparatus and methods for using synchrotron-radiation sources located in the Moscow oblast for structural studies of various organic and inorganic materials.

The information on the Institute of Crystallography is given in two languages — Russian and English. These two versions are not always identical, but both provide the same information on the major research directions and achievements of the institute. The Internet site allows one to get acquainted with the institute structure, its history and achievements, and its major publications. One can also find information on the international cooperation of the Institute and its participation in the organization of various scientific conferences and seminars. The Section «News» (currently in Russian) provides the recent data on current and planned closely related to the Institute's research and activity. There you also can use the Message board to arrange your own information or take part in discussions carrying at the Institute Phorum.

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